Web Design Facts

Fact 1:We can’t deny the fact that when browsers enter a site, they look for something that is relevant to their needs. If they ended in a particular site through advertisements, then they would expect to see something related to that ad.

Fact 2:On the other hand, when a search engine scans a site’s contents, it looks for contents which are useful enough for other sites to reference. It expects to locate a content that is consistent with the keywords.

Fact 3:Visitors who go to a shopping cart would expect to find photos with high quality, a variety of applicable views and lastly, a concise and clear description and costs. They also expect that the cart should work in all types of browsers.

But sad to say, some viewers do not find what they need in a website or sometimes they have a hard time going around the site. The following things should make you aware on the things why web sites fail.

One fact that web designers must know is that people wouldn’t enter your site unless they know their way around it.
Due to this concern, web designers must take into consideration that they need to conceptualize user friendly and easy to understand websites. For most customers or viewers, very extravagant design won’t matter as long as they don’t get lost in your site.

Your competitors are just a click away

When designing your web site, think very carefully on things that could give you a plus over your competitors. Think of the things that you can offer your customers in order for them to stay on your site and choose you above all else.

People hate slow websites

Designers must understand that searchers can be very impatient when surfing through sites in the Internet. Therefore, designers must find a way to minimize the slowness of websites and at the same time offer viewers with quality contents.

Searchers look for relevant information

Dr. Jim Jansen of Penn State’s School of Information Sciences and Technology said, “A web site has to be relevant to a searchers needs. Otherwise, by the time three minutes have elapsed, 40 percent of searchers will have moved on. While some may have found what they wanted, others may simply have given up and move to a different site.” When designing web pages, designers can’t help but become graphic artists with the aim to make your site look great but sometimes lacking in information. Therefore, remember that while it is important to make your site attractive, it is equally important to place in your site the information that visitors need.

Sites should have clear abstracts

The first thing that appears on the result page as an answer to a search engine query is the site’s abstract. The abstract explains everything about your site. According to a study done by Penn State, more users or searchers can be drawn to a site with the use of an abstract. That is if the abstract is informative enough and gives relevant and enticing information about the site. Dr. Jim Jansen said, “For site developers, if you want to be looked at, it is absolutely critical that the abstract be crystal clear about the purpose of your Web site.”

Weight Loss Myths and Corresponding Facts

The myths about weight loss are making rounds everywhere and they never cease to end, as the people are very much concerned and are in the look out for easy way to lose weight, hence lots of wrong theories going around. Listed Below are some weight loss myths along with corresponding facts.

Myths Pertaining to Physical Exercises:

Myth: Exercise when done on an empty stomach results in more fat burn out.

Fact: The weight loss is said to be effective when the calories consumed are burned the same day no matter, how they are burned. Hence the impact of exercising with an empty stomach is the same as with a full stomach. Studies have revealed that the increase in metabolism seen in anaerobic exercise is reduced after a full meal. It means that more energy is used for digestion than to repair muscles.

Myth: The more the exercise the more the benefit.

Fact: It is not true. Even though every exercise session is good for an individual, there is a required level and frequency to get optimum results. After the optimum level, the exercise done will have an opposite effect by not allowing the body to cope up with the stress created by the exercise, which can be actually detrimental towards weight loss.

Myth: Muscle turns into fat once the exercise is stopped.

Fact: It is not true. Muscles, as a matter of fact, cannot be converted into fat as they are entirely different kinds of tissues. When the exercise is stopped, the muscles shrink but do not disappear. If the calorie intake is more, which is not burned it actually deposits as fat.

Myth: More the Sweat, More the hard work is done.

Fact: This too is not true, as sweating is the body’s cooling ability. Sweat can be due to lot of factors like body temperature, type of exercise done, fat deposition of the body, room temperature, the kind of clothing used for exercise, and the intensity of exercise done.

Myth: Drinking water while exercising might lead to cramps.

Fact: If more litres of ice cold water are drunk in one go while doing exercise may result in cramps. Hence, it is good to drink water consistently before, during and after exercises in order to replace the fluid lost and to avoid any discomfort being caused.

Myth: Exercise done to tone the abdominal muscles also tones potbelly.

Fact: When exercise is done for the abdominal region only that region gets toned up. The fat deposits are not burned, reducing the potbelly. Fat reduction happens uniformly throughout the body and there is no possibility for spot reduction.

5 Facts You Never Knew About Absinthe.




  1. Absinthe was invented at the end of the eighteenth century.  Absinthe was actually invented by a French doctor named Pierre Ordinaire.  He invented absinthe by distilling wormwood and several other herbs into an alcoholic base.  Although this may seem strange in today’s modern world of medicine, at the time it was considered a viable remedy for patients with various ailments.
  2. Although it contains special properties that other alcoholic drinks do not, absinthe actually contains an extremely high amount of alcohol.  To put it in perspective, most brands of gin, whiskey and vodka contain approximately forty percent alcohol.  Depending on the brand of absinthe, it can contain anywhere from fifty to seventy percent alcohol.  Therefore, although you should enjoy any absinthe experience you have to the fullest, make sure you enjoy it responsibly and do not attempt to drive a car after spending an extended amount of time with the Green Fairy.
  3. Absinthe has been associated with the Green Fairy since the nineteenth century.  The French originally gave absinthe the nickname La Fee Verte, which the English later translated into the Green Fairy.  However, Green Fairy is not the only nickname that has been given to absinthe over the years.  Aleister Crowley gave absinthe the nickname Green Goddess, while many artists and poets coined the term Green Muse for absinthe.
  4. Modern science has actually attempted to take a stab at explaining exactly how the Green Fairy works.  In 2000, scientists studied the effects of the wormwood herb on the human brain.  The study was conducted by a variety of researchers at Berkeley, the University of California and Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago.  After extensive research, the scientists found that wormwood (along with other components of absinthe) cause “CNS choleric receptor binding activity.”  In laymen’s terms, absinthe actually improves the cognitive functions of the brain!
  5. Absinthe has often been portrayed as a dangerously addictive psychoactive drug and hallucinogen. Because of this by 1915, absinthe had been banned in the United States and in much of Europe, including France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria-Hungary. By the early 21st century, nearly 200 brands of absinthe were being produced in a dozen countries, most notably in France, Switzerland, Australia, Spain, and the Czech Republic.

Google Facts

1997 – Google.com is registered as a domain on September 15. The name — a play on the word “googol,” a mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros — reflects Larry and Sergey’s mission to organize a seemingly infinite amount of information on the web.


In archive.org Google.com you can still see the first look of Google Beta. The link is actual going there.

It was a first try to create Google.com
They started with google art in the logo (Doodle) for the first time in August 1998 when they where going to the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert.




This are just some of the facts of one of the biggest company in the world. Here is all the information from them !

Cordless phones – Some facts to know

With necessity comes invention and when for the first time man felt the need to move around while talking over phone, the concept of Cordless phones came into existence. As a result of that first wireless telephones were introduced in 1970. However, frequency level of those phones were much low at that time. Researches were carried on and in the end the first digital cordless telephones were invented in 1994. Then from 1995 the digital spread spectrum or DSS technology was incorporated in these phones and the frequency level was also increased by the Federal Communications Commission or FCC.

After going through the above brief overview about the history of cordless phones let’s have discussion on the utility of these phones in the modern context. In this age of mobile phones and internet and several other advanced telecommunication modes you may underestimate the role of these phones. But if you think in deep you will see several utilities of a home phone. You can hardly find a household that does not have a home phone. Similarly, visit any office staring from the one with low profile to a corporate one and you will find that there is no alternative to land phones there. Mobile phones may have several uses but land phones or homes still have a lot of demands in the market. Here most of the phone users love to use these phones without wire connections as they can get a chance to move freely while talking in case of these phones. With these phones you can talk from anywhere within its range from the wireless router which normally covers a distance of 100 meters. Recently more advanced technology in these phones have been incorporated and the DECT phones are latest forms of these phones. Run by Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications technology or DECT, these phones can cover a range of 300 meters. Most of the offices use these phones as a means to get connected within the office. These phones also help them to move around, perform other works in computer or do some other jobs while talking over phone. So, this is something that most of the phone users love to use.

There are several online sites from which you can know about these Cordless phones and comparing among various products from several companies may help you find the most appropriate one for yourself. However, you have to keep certain things in mind while purchasing one of these things. For example, you have to avoid 2.4 GHz cordless phone and try to buy 5.8 GHz Cordless home phones so that you can talk without any interruption.

Dennis Jaylon is a renowned business writer who has years of experience in writing technical reviews, product descriptions and product feature analysis of technical gizmos like Home phones, Cordless phones, Siemens phones, Panasonic phones, headsets, telephones , Siemens gigaset and DECT Phones.

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Fun Facts About Tampa Bay, Florida

It also founded on agriculture, health care, and categorically great technology, government, and financial and marketing systems.

The best seasons in Tampa are winter and spring, while summer afternoons are generally muggy or satiated with ostentatious thunderstorms, with temperatures ranging between 90°F and 70°F. Though the city is known in the Guinness Book of World Records that has the most number of days of sunshine, many consider winter as the most pleasant time in Tampa as temperature hovers around 60° F, not to mention Tampa Bay as being Florida’s largest open-water estuary.

Driving a car is the best means of transportation for those who live in Tampa. Major intersections include I-75 and U.S. 41 while its port is the seventh largest in the United States. Even its airline service was among the first cities to have regular scheduling of its services. It is also a leading exporter of phosphate which has numerous industrial use.

Since it is also the biggest market when it comes to media in Florida, many social causes were supported by its citizens. Without being entirely exclusive to social, economic or political causes, it also supports sports and has been headquarters (where they train) to many teams such as the Grapefruit League and New York Yankees. Noteworthy as well is the large percentage of Greek-Americans in the area that Tampa has been called the “Sponge Capital of the World.”

Here are some of the attractions Tampa has to offer to its residents and visitors alike:

Land O’Lakes : where the movie “Edward Scissorhands” was filmed
The world-famous Skatepark
Ybor City for its cigar
Tampa Bay beaches
American Victory
Florida Aquarium
Lowry Park Zoo
Museum of Science and Industry
Tampa Bay History Center
Tampa Museum of Art
Tampa Theatre
Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
Convention Center and Tourism
Henry B. Plant Museum
Busch Gardens and Adventure Island
Tampa Destination and Visitor Guide

Julia Vakulenko is a licensed broker associate with Tampa4U.com Realty. She has one of the hardest working Tampa Real Estate team in Florida. Please feel free to copy any of Julia’s articles as long as you credit her and a link to her website. Include our Tampa Real Estate Blog to your regular reading as well.


Facts about Manchester Airport

Map Of The AirportThe United Kingdom is home to many airports and one of its busiest is definitely Manchester Airport. Although definitely the busiest UK airport, Manchester falls behind Gatwick Airport and Heathrow Airport when it comes to the number of passengers departing and arriving. Due to Manchester’s facilities and location features, however, a lot of people have reconsidered their itineraries to include Manchester instead of Gatwick or Heathrow. Manchester has more parking areas and its modern design and features make the said airport one that is undeniably attractive to both local travellers and visiting tourists.Manchester Airport

With its inception in 1938, the Manchester International Airport began with the name “The Ringway Airport” due to its location. Located along the Ringway area of Manchester, the airport was aptly named as such until the dawn of the second world war. From Ringway Airport it became “RAF Ringway”. Later on, after the war has ended, the airport finally took its final name, the Manchester International Airport.

Notable of Manchester Airport’s facilities is its parallel runways. The two-runway feature of the Manchester Airport, however, was not a welcome addition at first. Protesters have campaigned against the construction of the second runway and their protest camps actuaally caused some delay with the project. Moreover, the second runway incurred a regional bill of a whopping £172 million. It was only in the year 2001 that the second runway was opened.

Apart from the parallel runways, the Manchester International Airport also boasts of three terminals, all of which are interconnected. The oldest terminal in Manchester Airport is Terminal 1, having been opened all the way back in 1962. Although relatively old, Terminal 1 is still being used by the airport. They have likewise employed development projects to ensure that Terminal 1 offers optimum services (including overall capacity and baggage sorting systems). This terminal is exclusively for international flights.

A relatively newer terminal is Terminal 2, established in 1993. Similar to the services provided in Terminal 1, Terminal 2 caters to long haul flights. It has fifteen gates that are likewise open to European flights. Terminal 2 has been reported to handle approximately over seven million passengers annually.

The third terminal was initially reserved for a famous British airline. However, due to the onslaught of newer and smaller airline companies, Terminal 3 was then opened in 1989 by no other than the Princess of Wales. Terminal 3 is said to be the least busy of all terminals at the Manchester International Airports. Reports show that the said terminal only handles a total of about five million passengers every year.

Considering the parallel runways, the interconnected terminals, the modern facilities, and adequate parking areas, the Manchester International Airport has undoubtedly become a prime choice for most travellers. Add to these features its accessibility: there are several railway stations leading directly to the terminals. There are likewise buses that traverse the city to airport routes and these public transportation operate on a regular basis. Surely, if a traveller would like to have easy access from the city to the airport and be led directly to their respective terminals, they’ll find the Manchester International Airport to be the optimum choice.


The author is a travel writer and writes about Manchester, accommodation in this city and has also reviewed the hotels close to Manchester airport.

Interesting Facts About Full HDTV

Full HDTV is a fabulous device that transcends the clarity and quality of pictures rendered by its archetype namely the high definition television technology. It delivers an efficacious image resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixel s . Nowadays the access to HDTV signals has become easier regardless of the source of the signal.

The benefits of HDTV can be enjoyed with HD converter equipment and your television catering analog screen. The reverse process of taking an analog signal and formatting it to be an output for a HDTV which enhances the quality is also possible with the converter. Taking the example of an analog television with a resolution of 480i, where the Cathode Ray tube has say 240 lines and your TV screen has 480 lines, interlaced scanning of the alternating lines is performed for 1/60th of a second to display the complete picture vertically. This gives an aspect ratio of 4:3 with the analog screens of resolution 640 x 480i.

The HDTV supports interlaced scanning whereas the Full HDTV uses the progressive type of scanning, where the vertical scan is also done simultaneously. The Full HDTV renders a resolution of 1080i or 1080p. With an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels the Full HDTV enhances the quality of video. With screens smaller than 42 inches, the clarity difference in ordinary HDTV and Full HDTV is not vivid. Read More

Guest Post Rules

Some rules that will apply when writing a Guest Post for our blog.

  1. Your piece needs to be WELL-WRITTEN. We can edit your content. But are not re-writing it.
  2. No link building posts. If you’re writing blog posts as a way to generate back-links to your site or your company, forget it. Google is cracking down on that practice more and more, and we don’t want to get caught up in one of their sweeps. You should rethink that strategy anyway, because one day it’s not only going to burn you, but will burn the people where your content resides.
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ADHD and the Facts – Just the Facts


Often times you do a search; only to find flawed information that is void of substance little alone has any credible facts. This article titled “ADHD and the Facts” tries to give you the important and interesting facts about ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder). In gathering these facts we have tried to only report the most recent facts available. This may not sound all that important but medical information tends to change rapidly due to ongoing research. Much of the information available concerning ADHD, and the facts associated with this condition, was printed prior to 2000.

ADHD and the Facts – 10 Characteristics Most often Encountered

1. Hyperactivity
2. Perceptual motor impairment
3. Emotional instability
4. General coordination deficit
5. Disorders of attention
6. Impulsiveness
7. Disorders of memory and thinking
8. Specific learning disabilities
9. Disorders of speech and hearing
10. Equivocal neurological signs and electroencephalographic irregularities

ADHD and the Facts – Signs of ADHD by Condition

* Signs of Inattention: easily distracted; often forgetful; avoids/dislikes tasks that require sustained effort; difficulty organizing tasks and activities; fails to complete tasks; fails to listen when spoken to; difficulty sustaining attention both at work and play; fails to pay close attention to details;

* Signs of Impulsivity: has difficulty waiting his turn; interrupts or intrudes on others; shouts out answers before question has been asked;

* Signs of Hyperactivity: talks endlessly; regularly on the go and behaves as if “driven by a motor”; runs about or climbs excessively; difficulty playing or engaging in leisure activities quietly; can’t stay seated either at school or elsewhere; fidgets with feet or hands continually;

ADHD and the Facts – Interesting Facts on ADHD

* Up to 10% of school aged children are affected
* 10 times more boys are diagnosed than girls
* 1 out of every 5 children with ADHD has a learning disability
* 8 out of every 10 children with ADHD has academic problems
* 4 out of every 10 children with ADHD experience problems with self esteem, resistance to authority, depress, or anxiety

ADHD and the Facts – Treatment Options

* Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs come in three varieties; Short and intermediate term stimulants (ex. Ritalin); Long term stimulants (ex. Adderall XR); Non-stimulant prescription drugs (ex. Strattera)

* Mind and Body Therapy – Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation seem to be gaining popularity due to their ability to reduce stress and anxiety in ADHD adults and children. These types of mind and body therapies tend to help people learn to breathe more effectively, allow for better oxygen flow to the brain.

* Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic Remedies for ADHD are safe for all ages, no long or short term side effects, are effective for behavioral problems, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. These natural formulas can be used as stand alone treatments or in conjunction with other therapies.

R.D. Hawkins is an enthusiastic advocate of alternative natural health products and supplements with over 10 years experience. To learn more about homepathic natural health visit Purchase Remedies.com

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