Fitness Myths and Facts-Health and Fitness

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Along with advances in technology, human needs, the force expires.
Many people work and do their daily work without motion. Therefore, gaining weight is much easier.
This leads to weight loss industry for misinformation slimmers in a short period of time, some forms of shock diet.
Although these forms of fat in the diet are doing seems to disappear, she leads the overall health of the body in an unsafe and unstable form.
Here are the top 5 common myths and the truth about them.
1. The first myth is that you need 30 minutes of warm up before training. [Warm-up exercises]
We prove that the warm-up for the effective exercise of the reduced risk of muscle injury. However, the warm-up time is the most common misinformed question.
30 minutes warm-up is absolutely necessary. Length should not exceed 5 minutes. Thereafter, the muscles begin to relax, have stamina and are willing to work harder to make.
2. The second myth about fat. It is believed that gaining muscle fat cellulite deposits, and this is all wrong. Grease will always be fat and muscle tissue will always be the muscle.
Fat and muscle are two different questions, and no one can be transformed into another. When performing exercises, the aim should be to burn fat and feed the muscles. When oil burns, it means that the energy stored in the fat cells to burn, thus hiding the fat cells until they disappear completely.
3. The third most common myth is the belief that the strength exercises for everyone.
Strength exercises with a belief in quick toning muscles do not deserve. After warming up the muscles for 5 minutes, it is important to know the type of individual muscles, which should work and body style, employed in the optimal form of exercise that is not always advisable to do while making your muscles to assess.
The human body is designed to operate all the time, but if you have too much muscle, a portion of the damage or injury – which may be difficult to recover from, may occur. It is therefore important to keep the body active, do not push beyond its boundaries.
4. The fourth myth, which must be reduced to the heart direct result on the body.
Any activity that pot total body and increases the heart rate in an intelligible relationship is a sign of an active body workout.
In addition, the development of the long hours in the normal heart lost calories. The process takes time and patience. It is proven that after 10 sessions of cardio body will show the exact results.
5. Finally, the last myth about doing the same workout over a long period of time.
The human body has a “problem” that can be interpreted as the ability to adapt. When performing the same workout for a long time, your body gets used to the routine and stop growing. It is therefore important for the routine and work different muscles change with different types of exercise.
Fitness Myths and Facts-Health and Fitness

Top 10 Insurance facts

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  • Most people take a insurance but are not sure if it was needed !
  • Having a insurance is one thing, but having mare insurance for the same is hapening to everyone.
  • We think that we can find insurance for everything, but that is not really true. Some things simple can not be insured!
  • Did you know you can even have a insurance for a smile 🙂 America Georgine Ferrera had her smile insurance for 10 Million dollar 🙂 And what a lovely smile she has 🙂

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Check Engine Lights: Myths And Facts

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ou’re driving along and suddenly your Check Engine Light comes on. What does it mean? Check Engine Light, Check Engine Soon Light, Service Engine Soon Light, Engine Light, Engine Management Light, “whatever” you want to call it, simply means that your vehicle’s computer system has detected a problem.

Depending on the year, make, and model, it may be related to the engine, the transmission, even the brakes and suspension. There are literally hundreds of reasons a Check Engine Light may appear. The following questions and answers discussion will clarify the truth about Check Engine Lights…

Service Engine Soon Light FAQ:

1) Can the car be driven?
The general rule is: if the Service Engine Soon Light is on, and the car seems to be running ok, you can drive it. However, you should have it checked at your earliest convenience.

If your vehicle is running poorly—bucking, stalling, hesitating, or you just don’t feel safe, tow it. When in doubt always tow it!

2) The check engine light went out by itself. Is it ok now?
Probably not. Check Engine Lights often come and go. Even if the light is out, your vehicle’s computer system will retain information that will allow the problem to be diagnosed. To avoid potential long term issues, get it checked out.

3) My check engine light stays on. What should I do?
If your check engine light stays on constantly, follow the instructions above, under “Can the car be driven?” Don’t panic.

4) Can I disconnect the battery, or pull a fuse to reset the service engine soon light?
Maybe, but I wouldn’t. Removing the battery cable or an ECM or PCM fuse may clear the code, but it is not universally recommended in the industry. Most manufacturers advise against it. See the Best Way to Reset Check Engine Light Codes below.

5) What is the Check Engine Light?
The Check Engine Light is a warning light for multiple systems operating in your vehicle. In simplest terms, it’s like an engine management warning light to alert you of a problem. Just like your computer pops up with an “error message window” saying that something’s wrong, your service engine soon light pops up to warn you that it has detected a malfunction: mechanical, technical, software, or otherwise.

6) How to Reset Check Engine Light?
This is a great question! I get it all the time. See the guide below.

Resetting Check Engine Light:
First, if your Check Engine Light is on, it’s on for a reason. The Check Engine Light indicates that your vehicle’s on-board computers have stored a fault code. There are hundreds of fault codes, any one or more could be stored in the computers memory.
Fault codes are critical for accurate diagnoses of the problem.

Sometimes the fault code points directly to a faulty component, allowing for a quick diagnoses and repair. Other times, the code may only indicate a problem circuit and thus extensive diagnostic procedures may be required.

By resetting the Service Engine Soon Light, it erases important fault code data that turned the check engine light on in the first place. Without this critical information, the root problem can not be discerned.

Unfortunately, there is no “universally” accepted way to safely turn off a check engine light. Even if there was, if the root problem is not addressed, it will come back on.

So whether it’s a Chevrolet Service Engine Soon Light, Camry Check Engine Light, Mighty Max Check Engine Light, or a 1993 Thunderbird Check Engine Light, they require individual procedures to diagnose, repair, and reset the check engine light code.

Following is a Safe and FREE way for resetting check engine light codes.

Best Way to Reset Check Engine Light Codes:
If you’re not interested in diagnosing your truck, SUV or car Check Engine Light, or it’s already fixed, and you just want the engine light out, visit any local repair shop. Most shops will have a universal Check Engine Light Code Reader that can quickly and safely reset, and check engine light trouble codes. It should take about 30 seconds.

Note: European models are better off with a specialist, and some older vehicles may require more time.

Here’s what to do:
Politely ask your local service center (ask a technician if you see one) if they could reset the check engine light with their Check Engine Light Code Reader. They may protest, arguing that the problem must first be diagnosed.

Tell the service representative that you understand fully, and that you appreciate his professionalism. But that you would just like to try resetting the Service Engine Soon Light, and if it comes on again, you’ll come back for a full diagnosis.

Be genuine. Service representatives respond positively to sincerity. If the service center wants to charge you just to reset your Service Engine Light, try another facility.

Alternatively, some parts store such as NAPA and AutoZone will reset your check engine light for free. Be wary of “diagnostic ideas” from parts representatives, however. Don’t let them sell you any parts to “try” to fix the problem.

IMPORTANT, check engine light repairs can be quite costly given their technical nature. Service centers can easily hide behind complex technical language to inflate the difficulty of your Check Engine Light concern.

Green Tea and Cholesterol facts

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A green and lush oasis in the middle of a scorching dessert. A cool breeze on a hot summer night. A bright light in the end of a cold and dark tunnel. Green tea and cholesterol.

For the millions and millions of people suffering from high cholesterol green tea may be that light. You can browse and search the Internet for topics on green tea and cholesterol and would come up with hundred of hits.

Cholesterol, triglycerides, the protein apoB in LDLs, are words dreaded by humans of the modern age. This new century is expected to become the century of medical miracles, the green tea, lowly as it may sound looks very promising as several researches have shown. This could be the decade of green tea and cholesterol.

More good news is it’s not just green tea and cholesterol; it’s also green tea and cancer. Several studies have shown that the antioxidants are present in green tea. The Journal of the National Cancer Institute published the results of an epidemiological study indicating that drinking green tea reduced the risk of esophageal cancer in Chinese men and women by nearly sixty percent. Another research done by the University of Purdue researchers recently concluded that a compound in green tea inhibits the growth of cancer cells. In another study by the University of Kansas determined that EGCG may explain why the rate of heart disease among Japanese men is quite low, even though approximately seventy-five percent are smokers.

And more good news! It’s not just green tea and cholesterol; it’s also green tea and high blood pressure. Habitually drinking 5 to 10 cups a day of green tea lowers high blood pressure.

For more that 4,000 years the Chinese have known about the medicinal benefits of green tea since using it to treat everything from headaches to depression. So it’s not just green tea and cholesterol; it’s also green tea and depression!

Drinking green also is reported to be helpful with rheumatoid arthritis, Cardiovascular disease, infection, and impaired immune function.

Green tea is rich in catechin polyphenols, especially epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is a good anti-cancer element. Polyphenol limits the negative effects of smoking and a fatty diet.

There’s more! It’s not just green tea and cholesterol; it’s also green tea and weight loss. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a report that found out that men who were given a combination of caffeine and green tea extract burned more calories than those given only caffeine.

How about green tea and tooth decay anyone? Its bacteria-destroying abilities kill the bacteria that cause dental decay. So it’s not just green tea and cholesterol, it’s also green tea and bacteria.

Why is it that it’s green tea and cholesterol not oolong tea or black tea? As we all know there are 3 types of tea, green, oolong and black. All of these come from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. But why green? Green tea leaves are steamed, which prevents the EGCG compound from being oxidized while black and oolong tea leaves are made from dried or fermented leaves, which causes loss of EGCG.

We should have learned speaking mandarin or fukien a long time ago and got to know green tea and cholesterol lowering the Chinese way.

There is more to green tea and cholesterol, search the web and get to know more of the heath benefits you may get from green tea. Does anyone know how to say green tea in Chinese?

Download Facts

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One of the things most people do with the internet is Downloading. You would maybe say that you never Download anything, but that actual not true. Even if you just look something up on the internet, you actual Download the content that you see on your screen from a server anywhere in the world.


But what most people understand under download is actual downloading from a file of any kind with specific programs for it. This can be programs like a file downloader ! For example Filezilla (A FTP program what stands for File Transfer Protocol and this is the standard network protocol to transfer files between a client and a server on a computer network.)

Or a place where you can direct download. (For example from a music website where you can actual download for example mp3 files (Music files) or mp4 files (Movie files)

All above mentions are ways to download information to your computer / screen / printer.

Forms of Birth Control: Facts and Myths

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Among teenagers with an active sex life, the two most common forms of birth control would be the use of birth control pills and latex condoms. While many teenagers prefer not to use any protection at all, these two forms of birth control are the ones that would most likely be used. Since these two forms are considered popular for their age group, it is important to let teenagers know about birth control facts and some accepted myths with regards to these two forms of birth control.

The effectiveness of birth control pills depends on how they are used. While others state the effective of such pills to be around 99%, the reality bites it off with only around 87%. The logic behind the difference is owed entirely to user habits. Decreasing the effectiveness of birth control pills include missing days, skipping pills, or taking the pill at different times a day. Since teenagers are experiencing acne at this point, some birth control pills can help control acne, while some prescription medications as well as herbal treatments such as St. John’s Wort help in decreasing the effectiveness of the pills. If there is a possibility that one is currently using any of these while on the pill, informing the doctor may be a good idea. Smokers should consider a different form of birth control, mainly because the pill is not recommended for smokers of any age. Another fact for taking the pill would be its benefits, such as having lesser chances of getting pelvic inflammatory disease, protection against benign breast cysts, protection against ovarian cysts and cancer, uterine cancer and PMS.

Contrary to myth, birth control pills will not make a woman fat. One does not need to take a break from using the pill, and there is no medical reason for going off the pill periodically. Another myth that most people believe about pills is that it increases or changes a female user’s body odor.

In the case of condoms, it is a known fact that this form of birth control would be the most effective protection against AIDS and HIV. Also, condoms are only to be used as directed on the package. Never double up on condoms since this will increase the chance of breakage. Never use oil based lubricants like baby oil, cold cream, Vaseline, or any cooking oil since this too, can cause breakage. Novelty condoms should be examined more closely to ascertain the said products’ effectiveness in preventing pregnancy and STDs. Reading the label would be a good idea just to make sure.

Some of the myths about condoms include a decrease in the sensitivity of guys, but this does not mean that there is no sensation. Actually, this can help guys that experience premature ejaculation. Men who want to use condoms do not need a prescription since it can be bought almost anywhere nowadays. With few exceptions, condoms are one size fits all. There are not many guys who are too large nor too small for the average condom. By knowing the facts and myths about these common birth control methods, teenagers can now have a better perspective on birth control.

Safety Helmets: Important Facts

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Why do you think one needs a helmet while riding a bicycle or skating or horse riding or even playing? Well,some say that helmets are unnecessary as they cannot save a persons life or prevent accidents.True,safety helmets cannot prevent or stop accidents but they can in some measure safe a person’s life when met with an accident.

According to the statistics calculated recently in U.S, about one fourth of the people brought in emergency rooms have head injuries and one out of every eight of them are reported to have brain injuries. This may not have happened had they been wearing a safety helmet. So at least brain injury would have been prevented which would eventually cause death.

A single head injury can also make a person handicapped for life. Even while at work especially where there are a lot of construction work, a safety helmet is a must. It should be the responsibility of the employer to provide these helmets to his employees as many to prevent any such head injuries.

Choosing the right helmet:

There are different kinds of safety helmet available as different sports require different helmets. But the key here is to wear the right fitting. A loose helmet cannot protect the head as much as fitted ones. A helmet should always fit the persons head. It should touch the head all the way around and should be stable enough that even in jerks it should not move.

When it comes to buying for kids many a times we tend to feel that we should get a bigger one as they would grow anyways but that is wrong. The brand is also important. One should never compromise on price when it comes to safety. Comfort is another thing that you should keep in mind as if it is not comfortable then you are very unlikely to wear it also.

All parents, coaches, trainers and organizers should be made aware of this safety precaution. A lot of injuries also occur during horse riding and the statistics of accidents is very alarming. Even though other factors may also be involved from falling off a horse like slipping and back riding but the height from which the person falls is what jeopardizes the injury. If he falls from a height of 2 feet he is likely to have brain damage but if he falls from a greater height as the horse tends to elevate him up to 8 feet from the ground then his skull would be shattered. So, one should never ride a horse without wearing a safety helmet.

Bicycle helmets are made from foam polystyrene, and this polystyrene though is rigid it can be molded into virtually any shape. This can be easily damaged by crushing as it has a quite a high number of tiny air pockets. This process of crushing absorbs energy thus making it ideal for the construction of bicycle helmets. This helmets tend to get a bit warm during hot days but nowadays there are more expensive ones that are available and these helmets have more air vents to keep you cool but this can reduce the amount of energy absorbed as the amount of polystyrene is reduced.

Whether wearing a helmet is necessary or not depends on the individual. But you should never underestimate the use of it because there are benefits of using a safety helmet. It is always better to take precautions then suffer the consequences. You should take responsibility of young ones in your family and educate them about safety helmets after all it is always better to have knowledge about things then be careless about it. Always wear helmets and be safe.

7 Vital Facts About Your Car’s Air Conditioning System

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Air conditioning, which was once a great luxury, is now a common feature on most motor vehicles. While the servicing of modern car air conditioning systems is best left to professionals, you can get the most enjoyment from your ac system if you know a bit about how it works and what malfunctions you should be on the lookout for.

1. Odd smells coming from the air conditioning may be caused by bacterial buildups

As your car becomes older, or when the air conditioning system is used infrequently, bacteria, micro-organisms, mold and fungi may start growing, just behind the dash panel on the evaporator causing some very unpleasant odors. Some even claim this can result in headaches and flu like symptom sometimes referred to as “sick car syndrome.”

This problem can be solved by using an anti-bacterial treatment that destroys the bacteria growth and leaves your car smelling fresh again.

2. If you car does not feel cold enough, then you may need to recharge your system

If you feel that your car doesn’t feel as cold as your friend’s car, then your system may need servicing. The air conditioning system in your vehicle is not usually covered by most manufacturers servicing schedules and the refrigerant gas that is used to operate the system depletes over time. On average most vehicles lose up to 15% per annum. This leakage can be caused when then system is not used during the winter months. Thus allowing the small “O” ring seals to dry out resulting in a gradual deterioration in system performance. If this continues, eventually the system will not be able to operate at all.

Most problems of this type can be put right fairly easily by a leak check of your system followed by a complete refill of your air conditioning refrigerant, this is sometimes referred to as a re-gas.

3. Running your air conditioning year round will help maintain the system

If you run the air conditioning in the winter it will help to keep the system well lubricated and leak tight. This is because the refrigerant actually carries the oil that lubricates the system and most importantly the compressor. It also keeps the seals and hoses moist, thus preventing them from drying out and cracking which can lead to leaks.

4. Strange noises coming from the air conditioning should be attended to immediately

If your air-con system suddenly starts making noises you have not heard before it is very advisable to have a qualified vehicle air conditioning specialist to have a look at it.
Some noises could be early symptoms of a compressor failure (the compressor is the air conditioning pump).The compressor is usually the most expensive part on the system ranging from approximately £230 to £600+ and if the bearings in your compressor break down or if the compressor seizes up it also means that other components can become contaminated with metal particles A flush of the system would then be needed as well as replacement of the compressor, the receiver/drier and the expansion valve – quite a hefty bill!

5. Don’t worry about a pool of water forming under your car after using the A/C

If you see a puddle of water on the ground, usually under the passenger area don’t be alarmed. This is a normal feature of the system as it is only water dripping from the air conditioning evaporator. The evaporator has a drain tube fitted to allow the condensation from the evaporator to drain away from the vehicle.

6. Excessive moisture inside the car can be fixed easily

Sometimes the drain tube from the evaporator may become blocked or detached allowing the condensation to build up inside your evaporator. If this occurs water will just build up inside your car to a point where there are damp carpets or misting / high humidity type problems. These problems can be solved with low-cost servicing.

7. Have your air conditioning serviced regularly, even if there are no visible problems

Just as the other systems of your car need servicing on a regular basis, the same is true for the air conditioning system. The compressor needs oil, or else it will seize up. The filter collects debris and moisture. If the filter becomes blocked, then the performance of the system will deteriorate and it can even quit working entirely (probably when you need it most!)

Normally the refrigerant gas in a car air conditioning system has to be recharged completely within four years from the manufacture date and thereafter every two to three years.

An annual servicing of your car’s air conditioning system will guard against malfunctions in the compressor and other vital parts of the system. Regular maintenance will save you money in the long run and guarantee you comfort in the hottest months.

Forex Facts

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There are many benefits and advantages for trading currencies on the Foreign Exchange, better known as Forex.

The Forex Exchange was established in 1971.  This market grew at a steady rate throughout the 1970’s, but in the 1980’s Forex grew from trading $70 billion per day to over $1.5 trillion each day.

There are many huge players in Forex, but it is accessible to the individual trader.  Each lot traded is worth approximately $100,000.  By using leverage, an individual trader is only required to have a $1000 investment in the trade.  This is a 100:1 leverage.  No other market offers this amount of leverage.

Forex is also an extremely liquid market.  Because it is so large, you can buy or sell in only seconds where your trade is only a mouse click away.  You can also preset an automatic close for your position.  This means you don’t have to sit and watch your position, just place the trade, set an exit point and go what you want.

Forex trades virtually 24 hours, 7 days a week.  It only closes from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening.  This makes it possible to set your own trading hours.  If you trade part time and want to place your trade at 3am, log into your account and trade.  If you are a full time trader, the same applies.  No other market lets you pick the hours you trade.

There are no commissions charged on Forex, only a small transaction fee.  This is not possible in any other market, as brokers charge a commission on each trade in all other markets.

Because currencies are traded in pairs, so you are buying one currency and selling the other.  For example, if an investor believes the US dollar will gain against the euro, you would buy the US dollar and sell the euro.  It’s just that simple.

The potential for profit is good as there is always movement between currencies.  Even a small change can result in substantial profits because of the large amount of money involved in the transaction.

First and foremost, before just opening an account and blindly making some trades, you need proper training.  Study the market, learn the terms used in trading, set up a demo account with a currency broker.  Then, and only then, use real money to trade.